Phone Services

If you want to work quietly, are on the road or in a meeting, we provide the service you need. Our operators are multilingual and deal with your customers and business partners pleasantly and professionally.

You receive your own telephone number for our site and we answer calls with your company name. If you wish, we can also put calls through to specified numbers. 

We pass on telephone messages to you by e-mail, text message or fax as soon as we receive calls. 

We deal professionally with messages and information for your customers and business partners in strict accordance with your instructions. 


Mon - Fri: 08.00 am until 12.00 pm / 13.00 pm until 05.00 pm

Call devision / transfer

We provide a telephone number, from which calls can be diverted to your your private, business or mobile number.

Our phone services can also be used by customers not based in a Premium Business Center.